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The Rt Hon James Cleverly MP, UK Minister of State, Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, introduces our Get Safe Online Global24 2020 event

A short review of our Get Safe Online Global24 event as it progressed through 24 hours on October 15th 2020

CEO Tony Neate, Communications Director Sarah Sawrey-Cookson and Ambassador Scheme Manager Rob Harvmann having a catch-up following our Get Safe Online Global24 event, October 15th 2020

Communications Pack

Over the last few years, use of the internet has grown exponentially around the world, driven by the need for convenience, speed and choice on the one hand, advancing technology, wider availability and increasing confidence on the other.

More recently – probably more than any other single event in history – the COVID-19 pandemic has further increased the reliance of individuals, communities and businesses on the internet. For many people around this world, this will fundamentally change the way they communicate, meet, buy and sell, learn, get their entertainment and a host of other everyday things, forever.

However, it has also represented a major opportunity for cybercriminals such as fraudsters and abusers, to perpetrate their sinister work, and continues to do so.

Get on board with the world’s longest ever non-stop cyber event 15th October 2020

At Get Safe Online, we’ve been helping to protect individuals, communities and businesses from online harms since 2006. Now, with our increased international presence with websites, our Ambassador Programme and other fantastic resources – and the increased global reliance on safe, secure internet use – it’s the ideal time to pull together.

Get Safe Online Global24 is a unique, international collaboration to be held on October 15 this year. In conjunction with regulators, educational establishments and private sector organisations large and small, we’ll be providing valuable but practical back-to-basics advice as well as addressing some of the of particular online safety issues you’re experiencing in your country. We really hope you can join us and play your own vital part in spreading the word or providing our great advice to help protect others. You can see some activities that have already been planned in countries around the world, here:

How can you help?

Social media

Please spread the word on your social media channels to help us reach as many people as possible.

  • Watch the introductory event video
  • Download the suggested event social media posts and associated images from the social media pack
  • Share on your social media channels, making sure you include the event hashtag
  • Tag Get Safe Online in your posts:
    • Facebook: @GetSafeOnline
    • Twitter: @GetSafeOnline
    • Instagram: @getsafeonlinepics
  • Tell the world about your great ideas for spreading the word, again tagging us and using the

Host an activity

Hold a coffee morning or lunch where you can chat with friends, family or colleagues about the basics of keeping safe online. You can download and print off some leaflets that they can take away, refer to and pass on to others. Naturally, we urge that you observe the social distancing rules in place at the time. In fact, your coffee morning or lunch could be virtual, and you could email the leaflet instead.

For teachers

Please feel free to download our lesson plans. You can talk about Get Safe Online Global24 in many different contexts and connect it with different topics such as ICT, PSHE, Geography and Languages, to name but a few.

For communities

Wherever you live, you’re part of a community. Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that many communities haven’t been able to get together lately, but if you’re able to – observing the correct social distancing and other precautions – we’d love you to organise a gathering in your community space, whether it’s a community centre, village hall, church or even your local bar or pub. If that’s difficult or in appropriate, use a video call, it’s a great excuse for a virtual get together and you can screenshare our great resources.

For businesses

If you’re a business owner or operator, you can play an essential part in making Get Safe Online Global24 a resounding success. Of course, a working knowledge of the basics of online safety is important for you and your employees in both your business and personal lives. This a great opportunity to join this unique global event and helping to bring online safety to the forefront of everybody’s minds.

Download resources

Please visit our Downloads page to download resources, including Social Media Packs, Press and Media Packs, and Educational Resouces for your Business, Communities and Schools.
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Tell us your ideas

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Please get in touch

If you represent an organisation in government, law enforcement, finance, retail, technology or any other kind of business and would like to get on board, please contact:

Enquiries from outside the UK:

Jenny Thornton – [email protected]

Enquiries from the UK:

Sarah Sawrey-Cookson – [email protected]

Media enquiries:

Caribbean: – Stacy-Ann Wilson, ODEM [email protected]

Pacific: Dale Hermanson, Pasifika Communications [email protected]

Rwanda: Diana Mpyisi, Blue Oceans [email protected]

UK: Sarah Sawrey-Cookson, Get Safe Online [email protected] or [email protected]